How can I look up my created webpages on internet explorer 8 or older? [duplicate]

I am using windows7 and it supports only internet explorer 9. I work on web pages designing on my chrome browser. But you know, some of the CSS features dnt support in Enternet Explorer 8 or erlier. But when I trying to download Internet explorer 8 to my Win7 OS it never downgrade IE from 9th to 8th. Then how can I look up my created web pages on IE8 ? Plz help



Do you have Developer tools? Then change the "Browser mode" and "Document Mode" to check the web page behaviour in lower versions .


You can use:

  1. to check all IE versions screenshoots
  2. to check IE live (IE9 only)
  3. to check IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari versions
  4. is commercial, but have a free trial
  5. is commercial, but have a free trial too
  6. etc...

EDIT: I recommend, if you are using CSS3, to use is a super htc app, that make major CSS3 function to work in IE.

Hope this will help you!


IETester allows you to run multiple versions of IE shells:


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