Which current WebGL library supports most 3D model formats (and which ones)?

Searched a while but dont know which current WebGL solution supports the most 3d formats. Also I need to know which 3d formats they support.

Are there any updated comparisons or tables with these information?

Something like copperlicht? An alternative?

we want to use the native formats directly so converting them manually always to json is not an option



Most (if not all?) engines have their own JSON-format and you use offline converters to get your data into the engine format. If you like support for many formats I would suggest using J3D as it uses Unity 3D as "converter". Unity can import all sorts of formats and thus J3D supports these.



Think best is not "choose solution that supports most formats".

Choosing a solution supporting the most used, readable, editable and mature formats (.dae and .x3d) is best

We now use x3dom for .x3d, three.js for .dae and .obj and thingiview for .stl


I've started doing some web experiments using 3d technologies and I strongly recommend working with .obj or .fbx files, and using p5.js and/or three.js. Anyways there is more than one way to make it work. https://p5js.org/reference/#/p5/model


Seems like Three.js is your choice, it supports: native json, obj, fbx, gltf, collada, babylon, stl, ply, vrml and many others.


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