javascript cloneNode and properties

Is there a quick way to "super" deep clone a node, including its properties? (and methods, I guess)

I've got something like this:

var theSource = document.getElementById("someDiv")
theSource.dictator = "stalin";

var theClone = theSource.cloneNode(true);


The new cloned object has no dictator property. Now, say I've got a thousand properties attached to theSource - how can I (non-explicitly) transfer/copy them to the clone?



Your hasOwnProperty answer doesn't work properly, so I adjusted it. This is the solution I was looking for:

temp = obj.cloneNode(true);

for(p in obj) {
  if(obj.hasOwnProperty(p)) { eval("temp."+p+"=obj."+p); }



probably the best way to save a lot of properties is to create a property object in which you can store all properties e.g.

thesource.myproperties = {}
thesource.myproperties.dictator1 = "stalin"; 
thesource.myproperties.dictator2 = "ceasescu"; 
thesource.myproperties.dictator3 = "Berlusconi";

then you have to copy just one property

theclone.myproperties = thesource.myproperties

otherwise do a for cycle for all properties you have stored

for (p in thesource) {
  if (thesource.hasOwnProperty(p)) {
    theclone.p = thesource.p;


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