Stop click propagation from Ember action?

I have this code that when icon-edit span is clicked, it fires an action that opens a modal, however, at the same time, the click propagates to the view below it (personView). I want the action to execute and stop the propagation.

The only solution I can think of is to make the icon-edit its own view and stop the click propagation by returning false in method click. Is there any other way of doing this without making another view?


{{#view Blocks.PersonView}}
  <span class="inline pull-right icon-edit" {{action 'modalOpen' 'modifyPersonPopup' 'modifyPerson' this}}></span>
  <p class="inline pull-left person-name">{{firstNameDelayed}}</p>



Also you can add bubbles=false parameter to action tag. See the API documentation for how to configure event propagation.


Try to modify the action:

modalOpen: function {
    //code of your action
    return false;    

This worked for me in a similar situation


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