See/Log which javascript function is being executed by the browser

Is there a way/add-on that I can use so everytime any javascript function is executed in Firefox for example, the function name will be printed (to the console or where ever).

This is because I can't find (it's very hard to find) which function is executed when I click on a drop down.

So i want firefox/add-on to tell me the name of every javascript function that is being executed.



You can use the profiler of Firebug.

Go to the console tab and click Profile. The profiler starts and all the javascript actions are "logged" till you click Profile again. Then you get the list of javascript functions that were executed in this interval.

A similar feature is available in most modern browsers' consoles.


If you run chrome, hit f12 to bring up the developer window. Under the Profiles you can list out the Javascript, CSS or Heap. That's built in, so you don't need a plugin, not that anything is wrong with firebug, I'm just generally anti-Firefox


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