How to close InAppBrowser itself in Phonegap Application?

I am developing Phonegap application and currently i am using InAppBrowser to display external pages. On some of the external pages I place a close button and i want to close the InAppBrowser itself. because InAppBrowser displays these pages that is why the reference of it is not accessed on itself to close it and Please do not suggest me to use ChildBrowser Plugin.

window.close(); //Not Worked for me
iabRef.close();  //Also not Worked for me because iabRef is not accessible on InAppBrowser. It is created on Parent Window

Some of the Android device and iOS device display a Done Button to close it. As well as the iPad also display the Done button. but in Case of Android tablet there is not any kind of button to close it.


Here is my full code :-

var iabRef = null; 
function iabLoadStart(event) {
function iabLoadStop(event) {
function iabClose(event) { 
    iabRef.removeEventListener('loadstart', iabLoadStart);      
    iabRef.removeEventListener('loadstop', iabLoadStop); 
    iabRef.removeEventListener('exit', iabClose); 
function startInAppB() {
    var myURL=encodeURI('');
    iabRef =,'_blank', 'location=yes');    
    iabRef.addEventListener('loadstart', iabLoadStart);
    iabRef.addEventListener('loadstop', iabLoadStop);
    iabRef.addEventListener('exit', iabClose);



This worked for me:

var "myurl", "_blank");
win.addEventListener( "loadstop", function(){
       var loop = window.setInterval(function(){
                   code: "window.shouldClose"

In your called window, simply do:


When you want to close it


There's a solution provided in this blog post: cross window communication with cordova's inappbrowser

Essentially, you could use executeScript() from the parent window to the InAppBrowser instance over and over (once or twice a second, for example), to check whether a value in the IAB has been set. Pressing the "close" button in IAB could set such a variable.

When the parent window discovers that the variable has been set in the IAB, the parent window uses the IAB reference to close() it.


There is a SO post here that describes how to do this.

You basically have to get a reference to the inapp browser by calling and hook into the loadstop event. In the loadstop event check to see if the url contains a predefined path (like mobile/close - but could be anything) and then call call close.

Here is the post


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