Why do browsers provide an option to disable Javascript? [closed]

It is just a noob question: why do browsers have a "disable javascript" function?

I am just curious and hunger for learning. Thanks!



If you're asking why some browsers might have Javascript turned off, it is a user setting in a browser. The user has the ability to decide whether they want to enable Javascript or not.

Users may choose to disable Javascript for either security or privacy reasons. It seems less common these days because more and more sites are not fully functional without Javascript enabled.


In my opinion, one reason could be some highly technical users may want full control over how they want their browsers to behave. Javascript is one part of browser behavior which some users may wish to control. Thus - it is a question of choice. Sometimes - some Javascript could be too annoying for some choosy techie users and they may wish to turn it off.

Thus - in addition to security and privacy, it is a choice that browsers offer to end users. However it is true that nowadays most sites hardly function without JS. But still there could be those plain old vanilla HTML sites around that may do without any client side scripting.



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