javascript defineProperty to make an attribute non enumerable

I'm trying to use defineProperty to made attributes not appear in cycle, but it doesn't work. Is this code correct?

function Item() {
    this.enumerable = "enum";
    this.nonEnum = "noEnum";
Object.defineProperty(Item, "nonEnum", { enumerable: false });

var test = new Item();

for (var tmp in test){



Item does not have a property named nonEnum (check it out). It is a (constructor) function that will create an object that has a property called nonEnum.

So this one would work:

var test = new Item();
Object.defineProperty(test, "nonEnum", { enumerable: false });

You could also write this function like this:

function Item() {
    this.enumerable = "enum";
    Object.defineProperty(this, "nonEnum", { 
        enumerable: false, 
        value: 'noEnum' 

jsFiddle Demo


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