How to use angularjs ng-click with html5 datalist

I'm working with AngularJS and i want to use the directive ng-click when an element of a datalist (html5) is selected.

Here is an example of my actual code:

<input type="text" class="input-search" list="datalistcit" ng-change="changeQuery(queryCity)" ng-model="queryCity" />
<datalist id="datalistcit">
   <option ng-repeat="city in cities" ng-click="goCity(city)" value="{{}}">

It doesn't work, never execute the js method goCity.. any idea?



ng-click won't work on datalist options, as the click event (nor any of the keypress events) doesn't seem to be fired when using the datalist.

You will have to use your ng-change on the function input and extend that to check if the current value is also present in the datalist.


datalist is same as select, you don't put the event handler in option, you put the event handler in select or input. Also you don't use ng-click, you use ng-change for this.

<input list="stateList"  name="state" ng-model = "payCntrl.billingAddressService.billingAddress.state">
    <datalist id="stateList">
            <option ng-repeat="state in payCntrl.billingAddressService.states | filter : {country :}" 
  • The name and ng-model are on the input .

    Data :

    states : [{name : "NJ" , country: "USA"} ,  {name : "NY" , country: "USA"} , 
             {name : "GA" , country: "USA"} ,   {name : "TX" , country: "USA"} , 
             {name : "CA" , country: "USA"} , 
             {name : "Delhi" , country: "India"} ,  {name : "Karnataka" , country: "India"} , 
             {name : "Hyderabad" , country: "India"} ,  {name : "West Bengal" , country: "India"} , 
             {name : "Zhejiang" , country : "China"} , {name : "Hubei" , country : "China"},
             {name : "LONDON" , country : "United Kingdom"} , {name : "MANCHESTER" , country : "United Kingdom"}] 


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