How do I calculate free disk space on Linux in JavaScript?

I want calculate and display the free space of the home filesystem but there are 3-4 users, and all should be in javascript, how can we do ?

I know in linux shell , we can do :

df -h

But in javascript it's not



Node diskusage will do this.

Copying their example code:

#!/usr/bin/env node
var disk = require('diskusage');

// get disk usage. Takes mount point as first parameter
disk.check('/', function(err, info) {

You'll need to install node (if you don't already have it) and fetch the node-diskfree package from npm of course.

Edit: switched to a cross platform package, that runs on all OSs and doesn't scrape command line tools.


What JavaScript environment are you using? NodeJS has a childprocess module that you can use to spawn a df command, see for more details.

I imagine that you're not attempting this in a browser based JavaScript sandbox.


shameless plug -

Can also be configured to alert the user when disk space crosses user defined threshold. works for linux, macOS and windows.


You can either use diskusage npm and child_process.exec('df / -h') to get this parameter. but diskusage npm is more reliable and easy to use. if you use cp.exec('...') you should process the returned string by yourself to retrieve the desired parameters.


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