AngularJS custom required text

I use the inbuilt AngularJs directive required, once it validates to false I get a small popup close to the field with the text "Please fill out this field". My problem is that I need the text in a different language, how should I proceed?

I have found some pretty good answers, but none that would solve this for the entire webapp. From my Angular experience I think that a custom directive which uses "setCustomValidity" should do the trick..



I figured out how to do it (note I use coffeescript):

angular.module('myApp').directive('customRequiredText', () ->
     restrict: 'AE'
     link: (scope, elem, attrs, ctrl) ->
       elem[0].oninvalid = (e) ->'Fyll i det här fältet')
       elem[0].oninput = (e) ->'')


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