Can I incorporate a link in a message box in javascript?

I would like to add a link in my javascript messagebox function. Is there a way to do that?

TodayDate = new Date();
if (sender._selectedDate < new Date(TodayDate.getYear(), TodayDate.getMonth()-1, 1)) 
alert("Only current and previous months active.\n\nPlease visit\n
Agency ...HOMEPAGE...\nfor Archive Commissions");
sender._selectedDate = new Date();



No, this is not supported. You need to create your own modal dialog using an absolutely-positioned DIV.


A javascript framework, such as jQuery, makes this a relatively easy task.

There are several jQuery plugins that allow you to create a div with your dialog content on the page, and that div becomes a JavaScript dialog when the show dialog event fires. They can be easily styled, and also most include pre and post event callback functionality


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