How can I change the color of an SVG image on hover? [duplicate]

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Changing SVG image color with javascript

I'd like to change the fill of an SVG image when I hover over it.

Right now I have a black question mark exported from Illustrator to SVG. I can put on my page with the img tag and it displays fine, however I have no idea how to change the color in code.



SVG Files can be modified directly from javascript, i.e. properties of the "image" are accessible from within the DOM.

Look at this post from stack overflow: modify stroke and fill of svg image with javascript

It's important to remember that to do so, you cannot enclose the svg file in the common HTML <img/> tag, use instead the <svg>...</svg> as shown in the post.

EDIT: svg on w3schools

I added a link to w3schools so you can see more properties of the svg object

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If you need to do hover effects in svg you shouldn't use <img> tags. Instead reference the svg with an <iframe>, <object> or <embed> tag. If you want to save a http GET request you can put the svg markup inline in the html document.

Here's an example showing a simple fill hover effect inside an svg, and another one (slightly more complex that creates an outline on hover using a filter). Anyway, it's basically about applying a :hover CSS rule to set the fill color.

An example with all of the above ways of using svg can be seen here.


If you can post your code, maybe we can troubleshoot it for you.

Try following this:

Alternatively (not exclusive to SVG), use this type of code with different images:

<img src="image1.svg"

Live demo:


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