Need to Default select an Angular JS Radio Button

I am new to Angular JS and I am trying to create a set of radio buttons. Creating the buttons was the easy part, but I am having problems figuring out how to default select one of them without breaking everything. I have read about using ngChecked in the Angular docs and on multiple other stackoverflow questions but still can't quite seem to figure it out.

What I need to do is have one of the descriptions preselected when the user comes to the page. The price, discount, and deal_value also need to be shown with the values from the preselected price_option object.

Here is the code that I am trying to get to work:

HTML Code:

<body ng-app="demoApp">
    <div ng-controller="DemoController" ng-init="init([{qty: 1, price:10, qty_description:'descrip 1', discount:'1%', deal_value:200}, {qty: 2, price:7, qty_description:'descrip 2', discount:'5%', deal_value:100}])">  

           <label ng-repeat="price_option in price_options">
              <input type="radio" ng-model="init.price_option" ng-value="price_option" ng-checked="selected_price_option" name="quantity"/>
              {{ price_option.qty_description }}
              <li>{{ init.price_option.price }}</li>
              <li>{{ }}</li>
              <li>{{ init.price_option.deal_value }}</li>


angular.module('demoApp', []).controller('DemoController', function($scope) {

  $scope.init = function(prices) {
    $scope.price_options = prices;
    $scope.selected_price_option = $scope.price_options[0];




<body ng-app="demoApp">
    <!-- ng-init functionality belongs in controller -->
    <div ng-controller="DemoController">
        <!-- move ng-repeat to container div instead of label -->
        <div ng-repeat="price_option in price_options">
                <!-- the model is the scope variable holding the selected value -->
                <!-- the value is the value of this particular option -->
                <input type="radio" ng-model="$parent.selected_price_option" ng-value="price_option" name="quantity" />{{price_option.qty_description}}</label>
                <li ng-bind="price_option.price"></li>
                <li ng-bind=""></li>
                <li ng-bind="price_option.deal_value"></li>


angular.module('demoApp', []).
controller('DemoController', function ($scope) {
    //moved init logic to controler
    $scope.price_options = [{
        qty: 1,
        price: 10,
        qty_description: 'descrip 1',
        discount: '1%',
        deal_value: 200
    }, {
        qty: 2,
        price: 7,
        qty_description: 'descrip 2',
        discount: '5%',
        deal_value: 100
    $scope.selected_price_option = $scope.price_options[1];

Forked fiddle:

Or you can use the object strategy to avoid having to reference $parent:


General suggestion, avoid using '{{}}' use ng-bind (This will not related to question, its just good practice )



If you want to control from controller.js then use


and control it in controller.js

$scope.default_option = true

Try this approach:

angular.module('demoApp', []).controller('DemoController', function ($scope) {
    $scope.priceOptions = [
        {qty: 1, price: 10, qty_description: 'Descrip 1', discount: '1%', deal_value: 200}, 
        {qty: 2, price: 7, qty_description: 'Descrip 2', discount: '5%', deal_value: 100}
    $scope.selected = {priceOption: $scope.priceOptions[0]};


<label ng-repeat="priceOption in priceOptions">
    <input type="radio" ng-model="selected.priceOption" ng-value="priceOption" name="quantity" />
    {{ priceOption.qty_description }}
    <li>{{ selected.priceOption.price }}</li>
    <li>{{ }}</li>
    <li>{{ selected.priceOption.deal_value }}</li>



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