Disabled Text Input with onclick

I need a way of capturing onclick, for a text input that is disabled. I would prefer not to use jQuery, but if there was no javascript alternative, would use it. Thanks in advance

EDIT: I have tried simply adding an onclick="" to a disabled text field, which did not work. Is there any way to do it without jquery? Thanks



How about delegation events to parent elements like here?

<span style="position:relative;" onClick="event.target.value='clicked';">
  <input type="text" disabled "/>

If my answer is acceptable please comment it and I'll make an explanation.


You are probably lookinf for this:-

$("div").click(function (evt) {
    $(this).hide().prev("input[disabled]").prop("disabled", false).focus();



This is the modified jsfiddle proposed by Rahul Tripathi using pure javascript.

This is the function that made it works:

document.getElementById("textInput").onclick = function() {
    alert("Input clicked");


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