Take user input with JavaScript in the console

I need to get user input when running a .js in a console with spidermonkey like this:

$ js myprogram.js

What's the JavaScript equivalent of Ruby's gets?



As far as I know, there is a readline() function, but it is a specific function for spidermonkey, it isn't a part of javascript.



print("Type some text and press <ENTER>:\t");
var userInput = readline();
print("User input: " + userInput);

2)js readline-test.js

For more information see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/SpiderMonkey/Introduction_to_the_JavaScript_shell.


You can't really depend on the console being there. It's not something that is guaranteed, even while most browsers do have a javascript console. Beyond that I don't believe you can get values without calling a function with the console.


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