Updating a subfield in a mongoDB document using findOne and save

I'm trying to update a particular subfield in a mongoDB document and have decided to first find the object in question and then save an updated one. For some reason, the save option seems to ignore my changes.

I have one object in my collection, and it meets the following schema:

var tschema= mongoose.Schema({
a: Object

var t = db.model('tongoose',tschema);
  console.log(obj.a); //yields ['banana',3]     
  obj.a[1]=1; //to make ['banana',1]
  console.log(obj); //yields ['banana',1]

    console.log(real); //yields ['banana',1]

But when I go back to the mongoDB and look up the saved object, it never shows any changes. Can you spot what I'm doing wrong?

Much appreciated.



Because your schema defines a as a generic object, that field is treated as the Mixed type by Mongoose and you need to mark it as changed by calling markModified or save will ignore the change.

obj.save(function(err,real){ ...

See the discussion of Mixed types on this page of the docs.


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