firebug error : no element found

1 client : send request to server via AJAX fn.

2 Server : response in form of text/xml and it works correctly only 1 or 2 times

3 but only after 1/2 request, i get error in browser (firebug) and it says No element found

client : javascript jQuery ajax server : java servlet

can somebody give any tips to sort out.



can somebody give any tips to sort out.

Look at the HTTP traffic. Figure out if the problem is because of a broken request or a broken response. That will tell you if you need to investigate the server side or the client side code.


Setting the mimeType to "text/html" fixed it for me


Put a semicolon at the end of your jquery function for example I had a function

$(document).on("change", "#myid", function() {})

changed to

$(document).on("change", "#myid", function() {});

worked for me


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