How to correctly unsubscribe from a room and destroy it?

I have an internal loop for each socket:

if (![hash]) { // room has expired
    delete chat.user.list[].rooms[hash];
    delete[hash]; // delete room hash from user store

socket.leave(hash) does nothing - socket still receives messages sent to hash room.

As a side note - if I connect with client Anna and client Bob - both receive messages, but if I reconnect with client Bob - Bob cannot send messages to Anna.

Is there somewhere a full socket io API documentation (as I couldn't find socket.leave(room) examples)?

EDIT: Got it! Socket IO saves room handles with slash, so you have to use socket.leave('/'+hash)



Rooms in are implicitly created and implicitly deleted. Basically they are automatically removed when they are empty.

And yes, a preceding / is added to the rooms name internally but you do not need to add this to remove a socket from a room.

Try firing console.log(io.sockets.manager.rooms) whenever a room is created to have a look at what's happening internally.


As of 0.8.7 i tried it out and it seems you don't have to add the / (slash) anymore


Works just fine.


SocketIO 1.0 has Socket.prototype.leave(roomName) and Socket.prototype.leaveAll().

And you don't have to manually remove rooms:

Upon disconnection, sockets leave all the channels they were part of automatically, and no specially teardown is needed on your part. [From here]


Sort of a tangent, but to answer the part of your question about a full documentation: Not quite, however, if you check out the source on's home page you can find some sparse documentation (view the source and CTRL+F for "rooms"). I've had to do this several times already. There's nothing about leaving rooms there, but there is some general explanation.



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