JavaScript regex escape multiple characters

Is is possible escape parameterized regex when parameter contains multiple simbols that need to be escaped?

const _and = '&&', _or = '||';
let reString = `^(${_and}|${_or})`; //&{_or} needs to be escaped
const reToken = new RegExp(reString);

Working but not optimal:

_or = '\\|\\|';


let reString = `^(${_and}|\\|\\|)`;

It is preferred to reuse _or variable and keep regex parameterized.



You can make your own function which would escape your parameters, so that these works in final regexp. To save you time, I already found one written in this answer. With that function, you can write clean parameters without actually escaping everything by hand. Though I would avoid modifying build in classes (RegExp) and make a wrapper around it or something separate. In example below I use exact function I found in the other answer, which extends build in RegExp.

RegExp.escape = function(s) {
    return s.replace(/[-\/\\^$*+?.()|[\]{}]/g, '\\$&');

const and = RegExp.escape('&&');
const or = RegExp.escape('||');

const andTestString = '1 && 2';
const orTestString = '1 || 2';
const regexp = `${and}|${or}`;

console.log(new RegExp(regexp).test(andTestString)); // true
console.log(new RegExp(regexp).test(orTestString)); // true


You can use a Template Literal function to escape the characters within the string using a Regular Expression. You can then use that string to propagate a new RegEx filled with escaped characters:

    function escape(s) {
        return s[0].replace(/[-&\/\\^$*+?.()|[\]{}]/g, '\\$&');
    var or = escape`||`;
    var and = escape`&&`;
    console.log(new RegExp(`${and}|${or}`)); // "/\&\&|\|\|/"


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