Aptana Studio 3.3.1. Javascript code completion

I'm new to Aptana and I've just started a project which nature is Web.

I have two issues with code completion, did some research online but didn't find the solution.

1) I have this two lines of code.

         var script = document.createElement("script");
         script.type = "text/javascript";

I expect to have code completion in the second line when I type "script. ", and I have some suggestions. But I don't have suggested Script's attributes, in particular in this example the property "type" is not suggested.

2) I cant' "Go to declaration" on "document" object or "createElement" function.

I don't know if these are unsupported features of autocompletion or I'm missing something, maybe some configurations.

Just to compare, I've both features working in RubyMine.

Thanks in advance ! Rodo



I am going to assume you are writing Javascript inside the HTML editor, because I think if you were editing in the Javascript Source editor you would not be having this problem. Assuming that you are unwilling or unable to separate your Javascript out into .js files, newbie answered a similar (the same?) question here with a patch that I have not tried.

So you have a couple of options (if my assumptions are right):

* Use the Javascript Source editor (by right clicking and choosing Open With > Other)
* Try the patch


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