Mixing QooXDoo and jqgrid

I am trying to mix QooXDoo and jquery , jqGrid but i am just a qxd beginner ( i just downloaded yesterday) . as jqGrid is way more powerful , featureful than qxd's Table , i want to use it , plus current application is all build using jqgrid . (used about 75% of all its features) so i dont want to bother doing them in qxd.

Is they anyway , just to embed jqgrid directly into qxd? Thanks a lot.



Please have a look at the qooxdoo mailing list: http://qooxdoo.678.n2.nabble.com/jqGrid-and-qooxdoo-td5808285.html#none


You can use regular javascript within a QX class. Therefore it should be possible to use other JS libraries too.

I suggest you to write a wrapper (library or even a contribution [at lest you can have a look at this how the integration is done there]) for the jqGrid. After that you can easily use jqGrid within qooxdoo.

Using this jqGrid within QX may produce problems too: The UI is different and needs customization, you need to maintain the library and you have more dependences for your project. Perhaps you can have a look at the powerfull table-fetatues of QX and avoid using a redundant library.


I'm not an expert in embedding other JS libs into qooxdoo apps, but there are several successfull attempts of doing so, so it shouldn't be too hard. E.g. have a look at qxJqPlot which wraps jqPlot for use in qooxdoo. You might want to look at the code that wraps jqPlot. If that is not close enough to your use case, have a look at the other contributions, I'm sure you'll find one that uses a DOM element to embed library functionality.


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