Dojo can't programmatically concatenate djits?

With this code:

var d = new dijit.Dialog({
    title: "Programatic Dialog Creation",
    style: "width: 300px",
var button1 = new dijit.form.Button({'label': 'one', 'onClick': function () {

var button2 = new dijit.form.Button({'label': 'two', 'onClick': function () {
d.attr("content", button1 + ' | ' + button2);;

Expected result: A dialog with with two buttons inside

Actual result: A dialog with the text

[Widget dijit.form.Button, dijit_form_Button_4] | [Widget dijit.form.Button, dijit_form_Button_5]

What am I doing wrong? What is the correct way to accomplish this task? I've tried and dojo.query with no success.



You are mixing up Dijit objects, DOM nodes and strings.

The corrent way to place Dijits into Dialog or any container widget is:, d.containerNode);, d.containerNode);;

Or you can call placeAt() method when creating Dijit object:

var button1 = new dijit.form.Button({'label': 'one', 'onClick': function () {

You got your result because what basically happens is

d.attr("content", button1.toString() + '|' + button2.toString());

Also note inserting strings is possible this way:

var button1Html = dojo.create("div").appendChild(button1.domNode).parentNode.innerHTML;
var button2Html = dojo.create("div").appendChild(button2.domNode).parentNode.innerHTML;
d.set("content", button1Html + "|" + button2Html);

but it won't work, because it creates new DOM nodes that are not referenced in Dijit objects (buttons), so your events won't fire.


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