jQuery different events on different elements to trigger the same function

What if different elements have to trigger the same function but on different events ?

$('#btnNext').on('click', function() { /*Same thing*/ });

$('#txtField').on('change blur', function() { /*Same thing*/ });

Is there any way to integrate these two lines, so I can write the same lines of code just once ?



You included a clue in your question: "trigger the same function" - so simply bind the same function:

function commonHandler(e) { /* your code */ }

$('#btnNext').on('click', commonHandler);

$('#txtField').on('change blur', commonHandler);
$('#btnNext').on('click', myMethod );

$('#txtField').on('change blur',  myMethod );

function myMethod()
/*Your Code goes here*/

Here is a jsFiddle For You

Fiddle Here

 function Commonalert(){alert("Common Alert Message");}

$('#Btn').on('click', Commonalert);

$('#text').on('change blur', Commonalert);


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