Escape dynamic strings in JavaScript

I'm writing a script for a signature function in a forum program and any time someone puts a quote or some other JavaScript parse-able character into it, it breaks my program.

Is there a way either to force JavaScript to recognize it as a string without parsing it as script or, failing that, a function that escapes all scripting within a string that will be dynamic?

I did a search and all I could find were endless webpages on how to escape individual characters with a slash - perhaps my search skills need work.



Are you putting the contents of the signature using a server-side language, dynamically, in a JavaScript string literal? That probably isn't the best way to go; you may want to reconsider the way you are doing it.

For example, a better way to do it could be that you could just have an element on the page for the signature (which doesn't have to be visually distinct) and then get the contents of that for use in the script during JavaScript runtime.

If you still wanted to take the route you are going, you could replace ' with \' (or " with \" if you are using double-quoted strings in your script) and replace \n with \\n, which replaces real newlines with newline escapes.


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