How do I escape % in Knex where like query?

I'm using knex to generate my SQL queries. In knex documentation, it shows this

knex('users').where('columnName', 'like', '%rowlikeme%')

Now in my application, I did this:

function search(term) {
  term = "%" + term + "%";
  knex('table').where('description', 'like', term);
  // ...

How can I escape % so that it searches for % as part of the term as well?




For this case I use

rather string interpolation from es6 (safe version)

knex('table').where('description', 'like', `%${term}%`)

or ?? parameter binding

knex('table').whereRaw('description like \'%??%\'', [term])

But in the first case, you must be 100% sure that term is valid, because of the possibility of SQL injection.


Use the RLIKE instead of LIKE as below, It should work for you.

function search(term){

I have not used knex in a while so I can not test this. But have you tried to literally escape %? I hope that is what you want.

let term = "%something%"
let parsedTerm = term.replace("%", "\%")

Tell me about that please.


Knex doesn't have an equivalent to the ESCAPE keyword [1], so you have to do a raw query like this, which will search for users with name === "%foo%":

knex.raw('select * from users where name like ? escape \', ['\%foo\%'])

And this, with an unescaped wildcard at the beginning of the search term, will search for users with name ending in "%foo%":

knex.raw('select * from users where name like ? escape \', ['%\%foo\%'])

[1] Closed feature request:


Hey have you tried this

knex('Quotes').where('quoteBody', 'like', **'%'+Quote+'%'**)

just the regular javascript escaping works just fine.


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