Object doesn't support property or method 'querySelector' in IE 10

I encounter a problem with IE 10 regarding its support. The website is very good to use in other browser except IE.. I also tried using IE 11 and still it didn't work.

I used angularJS and IE could not recognize querySelector..

Can anyone have an idea how to solve this one? Please help me..

The version of of my AngularJS is v1.2.22

I attached my error message

enter image description here enter image description here

Thank you so much for helping me..


Through the help of Syed Ali Taqi I already passed that error by Deleting all history, and cookies and resetting the settings but i got a new problem and it is like this

[$rootScope:inprog] http://errors.angularjs.org/1.2.22/$rootScope/inprog?p0=%24digest

enter image description here

I wonder why the IE error that part but not in other browser like Chrome and firefox.. I am very sensitive in compatibility of site to all browser because we cannot dictate the user what browser to use..

Please anyone can help me



This should solve the problem:

  • Delete all History
  • Clear Cookies
  • Reset IE settings

I think it's something else that is fails. http://caniuse.com/#feat=queryselector according to that the support should be there in IE10.

Make sure the IE is not using any compatability mode to view your site. Goto Settings > compatatibilty mode > make sure display intranet sites in compatability mode is NOT checked.


please see the IE9 equivalent of querySelectorAll and check the compatibility mode of your IE browser also.


This can be caused by IE's compatibility mode. You can go under Compatibility View Settings and see if your sites domain is listed.


IE Developer Tools [F12] was useful for me in diagnosing this (IE11):

  • the toolbar on dev tools has a dropdown that lets you select IE compatibility version
    • toolbar screenshot
  • set the desired version using the dropdown on the toolbar, then refresh the page
  • in my case the error went away when using version 8 or greater

To fix the issue, I ended up adding a meta tag as described here. (I actually added it via the web.config as shown here).


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