String manipulation - getting value after the last position of a char

How I can get the value after last char(. ; + _ etc.): e.g.

I want to get "com". Is there any function in jQuery?



Use lastIndexOf and substr to find the character and get the part of the string after it:

var extension = name.substr(name.lastIndexOf(".") + 1);



Not jQuery, just JavaScript: lastIndexOf and substring would do it (not since the update indicating multiple characters). As would a regular expression with a capture group containing a character class followed by an end-of-string anchor, e.g. /([^.;+_]+)$/ used with RegExp#exec or String#match.

E.g. (live copy | source):

var match = /([^.;+_]+)$/.exec(theStringToTest),
    result = match && match[1];

A simple and readable approch to get the substring after the last occurrence of a character from a defined set is to split the string with a regular expression containing a character class and then use pop() to get the last element of the resulting array:

The pop() method removes the last element from an array and returns that element.

See a JS demo below:

var s = '';
var result = s.split(/[.;+_]/).pop();

to split at all non-overlapping occurrences of the regex by default.

NOTE: If you need to match ^, ], \ or -, you may escape them and use anywhere inside the character class (e.g. /[\^\-\]\\]/). It is possible to avoid escaping ^ (if you do not put it right after the opening [), - (if it is right after the opening [, right before the closing ], after a valid range, or between a shorthand character class and another symbol): /[-^\]\\]/.

Also, if you need to split with a single char, no regex is necessary:

// Get the substring after the last dot
var result = ''.split('.').pop();

var s  = "",
    lw = s.replace(/^.+[\W]/, '');

console.log(lw) /* com */

this will also work for


You can use RegExp Object.

Try this code:


I'll throw in a crazy (i.e. no RegExp) one:

var s = '';
var a = s.split('.'); //puts all sub-Strings delimited by . into an Array
var result = a[a.length-1]; //gets the last element of that Array

EDIT: Since the update of the question is demanding mutiple delimiters to work this is probably not the way to go. Too crazy.....


use javascript function like

url.substr(url.length - 3);

maybe this is too late to consider, this codes works fine for me using jquery

var afterDot = value.substr(value.lastIndexOf('_') + 1);

You could just replate '_' to '.'

var myString = 'asd/f/df/xc/asd/test.jpg'
var parts    = myString.split('/');
var answer   = parts[parts.length - 1];


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