Check for matching key in object regardless of capitalization

Given a key: 'mykey'

And given an object: Object {Mykey: "some value", ...}

And using the following if (key in myObject) syntax to check for a match...

How can I check matching strings regardless of capital letters?

For example: key mykey should be matched to Mykey in the object even though the M is capitalized.

I am aware of a function to do this: How to uppercase Javascript object keys?

I was looking to see if there was another way.



You can create a function that does this, there's no native case-insensitive way to check if a key is in an object

function isKey(key, obj) {
    var keys = Object.keys(obj).map(function(x) {
        return x.toLowerCase();

    return keys.indexOf( key.toLowerCase() ) !== -1;

used like

var obj    = {Mykey: "some value"}
var exists = isKey('mykey', obj); // true

follow this example

var myKey = 'oNE';
var text = { 'one' : 1, 'two' : 2, 'three' : 3};
for (var key in text){
//matched keys
//unmatched keys


JavaScript: case-insensitive search


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