window history back (-1) not working

I have use below code to back for the previous page, but it's not working. the alert box still popup even i click ok on the page. actually there have 3 page include this windows page code. 1st page is user need to fill up the form is name redeem_newcust.asp and the action should be save all the data into the database named redeem_newcustDB.asp. In page redeem_newcustDB.asp have one code to select option for type of redemption then this page will point action to the page redeem_newprocess.asp with is included as below code. Means when user click on type of redemption not equal to "Birthday Pack - PDV RM50" then it should be back to the previous page that means page redeem_newcustDB.asp. It's possible to having back to that previous page..? Should b need to bring all the value? Please help, thanks

If redeemtype = "Birthday Pack - PDV RM50" then
            <script language="javascript">
            window.alert ("Please choose Type of Redemption");
End If




Use: window.history.back() instead .go();

or use:

window.alert("Please choose Type of Redemption");

I would always avoid using alert(), since it kills script in some Browsers. I would open() a new window and ButtonElement.onclick use location =.


window is implicit, so you don't need to write or window.location. Additionally, it's fine to leave off .href when referring to location.href


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