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I have been looking around for a nice javascript library to dynamically create html tables. There are quite a few javascript-tools out there to "beatuify" and "functionalise" an existing table, this is only partly what I am after.

What I am looking for is a library that I can use to create nice looking tables, without having to first "manually" generate the table and then use the beautification tool. Much like the ones that exists for creating graphs; HighCharts, Flotr2 etc.

Does there exist such a library to allow me to simply pass a JSON-object or call a series of functions to generate a nice looking, sortable, functional HTML-table?



What you are looking for is DataTables.js.

Goto this link and get started. Enjoy.


you can use use -

jquery.dataTables.js, TableTools.js and dataTables.editor.js

with couple of css library which will give you option to generate beatiful data table. please have a look at below link

which gives you details with example about the library.


Take a look at JSON-to-HTML Table on GitHub

To convert the object to a table, you can do

var jsonHtmlTable = ConvertJsonToTable(obj, 'jsonTable', null, 'Download');


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