Dynamics 365 popup window with input

I would like to popup a window with two questions and a button on button click I would like to pass the answers to an action and execute it.

So I created an action with 3 arguments: two arguments are my questions from type Boolean and third is an output argument: Action_TEST

From this point I'm a little bit clueless of what I need to do. Basically I want to popup a window like this one with two Boolean questions and button which will pass the answers to the action and will execute the action.


  1. You can basically design a HTML form in Web resource with textbox/radio button controls & a submit button
  2. Open this web resource on your need something like ribbon button click using Xrm.Navigation.openWebResource(webResourceName,windowOptions,data)
  3. After data entry on popup form, on click of submit button call the action using Xrm.WebApi.online.execute


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