Convert blob file into webm with Whammy Lib

I'm using Whammy Lib to generates a video with images. After record the video, the Whammy lib returns a temp directory with a blob file.


I need to upload this file to my server with php, but I don't know how can I send a webm file instead the blob file.

To compile de video, I'm using:

videoEncoder = new Whammy.Video();
for (var i = 0; i < images.length; i++) {
    videoCtx.putImageData(images[i].image, 0, 0);
    videoEncoder.add(videoCtx, images[i].duration);

blob = videoEncoder.compile();
file = (window.webkitURL || window.URL).createObjectURL(blob);


Update with the last code that I resolve my problem:

var data = $(form).serializeArray();
var formData = new FormData();
// blob is the return from Whammy Lib after compile
formData.append('webm', blob, 'video.webm');

I just have to append the blob file to a FormData and send to my php.



I don't know Whammy Lib, but if you've got the blob object, then you can use the FormData object to send it as file to your server :

var f = new FormData();
f.append('videofile', b);
var xhr=new XMLHttpRequest();'POST','savevideofile.php');

Then in savevideofile.php

    $my_file = $_FILES['videofile'];
    $my_blob = file_get_contents($my_file['tmp_name']);
    file_put_contents('your_file.webm', $my_blob);

You can convert the Blob object into array buffer and then send it to the server using WebSockets, for example.

blob = videoEncoder.compile();

var stream_ws = new WebSocket("ws://localhost/webm");
stream_ws.binaryType = 'arraybuffer';

var fileReader = new FileReader();
var arrayBuffer;
fileReader.onload = function() {
     arrayBuffer = this.result;

The websocket listening process then can receive the webm file as binaries and save it to disk.


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