Google BigQuery with javascript - how to get query exe time and how much data (in size) processed by query

I am new to BigQuery and need more functions in BiogQuery + Javascript so i can get total execution time and how much GB of data processed by that query.

How can i know total exe time and processed data size in javascript api.

Eg. Query complete (1.6s elapsed, 35.7 GB processed)

the above example result from javascript api.

The total processed bytes i can get from response. But query exeution time from where i will get this. I dont want to run timer (to calculate time) before and after query exe.

Also need a intel on how to see executed query history from JavaScript api.

Thanks in advance.



To determine how long a job took, you can compare statistics.creationTime, statistics.startTime, and statistics.endTime, depending on your needs. These can be accessed from the jobs.list or jobs.get API. These responses will also contain the bytes processed by a query in the statistics.query.totalBytesProcessed field.

To retrieve a history of jobs (including queries, and any other load, copy, or extract jobs you may have run) you can call the jobs.list API.

Specifically in JS, if you have a query response containing a jobReference, you can run something like the following to retrieve the full job details using the jobs.get method and log them to the console. The logged response should contain the fields linked above.

var projectId = response['jobReference']['projectId'];
var jobId = response['jobReference']['jobId'];
var path = '' + projectId + '/jobs/' + jobId;
var request = {'path': path, 'method': 'GET'};
gapi.client.request(request).execute(function(response) { console.log(response) });


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