Rendering 4000 Images with HTML?

Can HTML render 4000+ images without the viewport being slow?

I've been trying to render 4000 images one after the other with only a space to seperate them resized with a fixed height(400px) so that you get a wall of images using HTML.

I always thought it might be Apache slowing it down, but it happens in every single occurnce so far. Apache/Node Webkit. Etc. I'm just wondering if awesomium is able to handle that. Since its written in native code. Unfortunantly I don't have the skills nessecary to work with .NET or C++ to test it out.

Could Awesomium render this and have a more responsive viewport or is there some other limitation I don't know about that might be causing this?

Edit: The images are loaded from the filesystem using either Node.js (Node Webkit), TideSDK, PHP Desktop MSIE/Chrome (Apache). All the images are loaded (almost) instantly, It's the Viewport that is slow. (Scrolling, resizing etc.)

To clarify even more here is my TideSDK application.

<script type="text/php">
include 'functions.php';
$height = 400;
$dirs = glob('H:/images/*', GLOB_ONLYDIR);
foreach($dirs as $dir)
    $base = $dir.'/';
    $files = ListIn($base);
    foreach($files as $file)
        $file = $base.$file;
        $link = "<img src='file:///$file' height='$height' onclick='Ti.Platform.openURL(\"file:///$file\")'> ";
        #$link = "$base$file <br>";



You should maybe try it with LazyLoad?


You can refer below given

Reduce the HTTP Requests of 1000 images?

URL may be it will help you


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