Creating A Checkbox In Select List with AngularJS or Javascript

I am looking for a multi select checkbox solution similiar to this one:

I am NOT looking for something n JQuery, so please no JQuery answers. Dos this already exist in AngularJS or raw Javascript or what is some guidance on how to make something like this?



it's just custom component that you can create yourself, nothing complex. it's more about html-markup, but not javascript.

For example AngularJS solution:

<div ng-controller="main">
    <div ng-click="toggle()"> {{count}} options selected</div>  
<div ng-show="showOptions">
    <label ng-repeat="option in options">{{option}}<input type="checkbox" ng-model="selected[$index]" ng-change="update()"/><br/></label>


I think you can use some libraries for this. This is dropdown-check-list one which you can use.

You can also find the test cases here.


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