Change button style inside paypal i frame using jquery not working

i have following iframe in my website

<iframe class="zoid-component-frame zoid-visible" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" name="test" title="ppbutton" scrolling="no" allowpaymentrequest="allowpaymentrequest" src=";commit=true&amp;style.label=pay&amp;style.layout=vertical&amp;style.size=responsive&amp;style.shape=rect&amp;style.color=gold&amp;style.tagline=false&amp;locale.x=en_US&amp;funding.disallowed=credit%2Cvenmo&amp;;sessionID=93bede67c2_mdy6mzk6mdg&amp;buttonSessionID=c3989cbef7_mdy6mzk6mdg&amp;logLevel=warn&amp;sdkMeta=eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL3d3dy5wYXlwYWxvYmplY3RzLmNvbS9hcGkvY2hlY2tvdXQubWluLmpzIn0%3D&amp;uid=645255e5ef&amp;version=min&amp;xcomponent=1" style="background-color: transparent;"></iframe>

If you run the code here you can see there is a button coming . I want to change the yellow button text as "pay with debit or credit card" .i tried things but noting work . I try to hide the button log that also not working . Please see our code


Please help to solve this issue .



we cannot change the iframe content getting from other domain CHeck this link How to change style of iframe content cross-domain?


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