apply d3.nest rollup to nested pie chart (to vary the size of the pies)

I'd like to modify Mike Bostock's nested pies example to have different pie sizes per the number of flights in each airport; to have a visual idea of how busy each airport is. My guess is to sum up the number of flights via .rollup(function(leaves) { return {"total_flights": d3.sum(leaves, function(d) {return +(;})} }) (from and apply it somehow to r (radius) but as I'm still learning, I don't know where to inject it.

Appreciate your tips/help.



Create an object w/ each origin's total flights:

var totalFlights = {};
  totalFlights[d.key] = d3.sum({ return +d.count; }));

Size the arcs based on their origin's total flights:

 var arc = d3.svg.arc()
    .innerRadius(function(d){ return totalFlights[]/952 * r / 2; })
    .outerRadius(function(d){ return totalFlights[]/952 * r; });

952 is a bit of a magic number here, set equal to the max number of flights from an airport. Ideally, you'd use a scale instead.

Working example:


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