execute validation middleware after validation checks

I want to create an Express REST API and want to validate the request params and the request body. If everything is fine I want to call the controller logic.

My validation middleware is

const { validationResult } = require('express-validator/check');

module.exports = (req, res, next) => {
    const validationErrors = req.validationResult();

    if (!validationErrors.isEmpty()) {
        // send a 400


and I use it within my routes before calling the controller. This is a snippet of my topics.js route file

const validation = require('../middleware/validation.js');
const { check } = require('express-validator/check');

router.get('/', topicsController.getAllTopics);

router.get('/:topicId', [
], validation, topicsController.getTopicById);

router.post('/', authenticationCheck, authorizationCheck, [
    check('parentTopicId').isUUID() || check('parentTopicId').isNull(), // check if it's a UUID. If not, check if it's null
    !check('name').isEmpty(), // is it not empty?
], validation, topicsController.createTopic);

router.put('/:topicId', authenticationCheck, authorizationCheck, [
    check('parentTopicId').isUUID() || check('parentTopicId').isNull(),
], validation, topicsController.updateTopic);

router.delete('/:topicId', authenticationCheck, authorizationCheck, [
], validation, topicsController.deleteTopic);

I tried to get into it with the docs


but when launching the API I get this error

Error: Route.post() requires a callback function but got a [object Boolean]

So it seems I am not able to pass in an array first, then the validation middleware and then the controller.

Is there a way to fix the route file? I don't want to handle the validation logic within my controller file. I think this should be done before.



You need to use oneOf to check for conditional params.

In your routes you use check('parentTopicId').isUUID() || check('parentTopicId').isNull() but that returns a boolean and express needs a middleware. oneOf was build especially for this.

Also you should replace !check with check('name').not().isEmpty().


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