Inline CSS/Javascript into a HTML file

I am looking for a simple commandline script/program to automatically "inline" all external css and javascript references for a html file. I basically want to create a single self-contained html file suitable for sending via E-Mail. An additional bonus would be if it could also inline images as data: UIRs, but that part is not so important.



EDIT : I wrote a little Python script for fun. It seems to work pretty well :


Or you can still try with :

Front compiler does something like that but it implies javascript. You have an online solution as well, with premailer. Finally you have a Python and a Ruby script to do it.


There is a Node.js library which solves exactly your problem: It can be used both as a commandline script and a library.

It will make you a single .html file which can be sent anywhere by any means and be opened later in any browser without the need in Internet connection.

If you think about inlining CSS and Javascript to make a HTML body of an email, just forget about it. Most Email clients out there will either ignore or badly damage your styles and I think all email clients will just plainly drop the inline Javascript in the body of emails.


This Python project of mine can help with getting the CSS styles inline


If it's not something that needs to be automated and you're using Windows you could open the web page in Internet Explorer and save it as 'Web Archive, single file (*.mht)'. This will pack everything into a single file, including CSS, JavaScript and images. Note that the recipients needs to have access to Internet Explorer to be able to open the Web Archive. Neither Google Chrome nor Firefox supports mht files, so it's probably a Microsoft only feature.


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