Sorting data in bootstrap table (datafield issue)

So I have a react bootstrap table (very simplified version):

<BootstrapTable data={gameData}>
  <TableHeaderColumn dataField="player">
    Player username
  <TableHeaderColumn dataField="games">
    Game1 score
  <TableHeaderColumn datafield="games">
    Game2 score
  <TableHeaderColumn datafield="total">
    Total score

And I have data coming from somewhere like this:

"player" : "playerName",
"games": {
    "game1": "10",
    "game2": "15",
"total" : "25"

I want to be able to sort the table, and to do so each tableheader needs to have it's own datafield. I am able to sort player, and total score since they have their own datafield, but I am not able to sort games score. I tried this:


But it does not work. I am really new to react, so is there any way I can solve this problem?

Thanks for the help



react-bootstrap-table doesn't support the nested data field. but react-bootstrap-table-next it does. you can check this demo and also this.

I think you can consider to use react-bootstrap-table-next. here is the official website :)


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