Kendo Refresh (DropDownList.refresh()) not working ERROR Not define

Im trying to refresh the Drop Down List after another DropDownList is Change But the Refresh() method is Undefined Error Is Promoting.There For I Tried the Read the DataSource again and it shows it loading but the data is still the same.Help to Solve this Issue please.


$("#DropDownList1").change(function () {
   custCode = $("#DropDownList1").val();

   $("#titles").data("kendoDropDownList"); //shows list Loading But Same Data Is present .
   $("#titles").data("kendoDropDownList").refresh(); //NOT Working 




1- Try adding cache: false to disable the cache in Kendo DropDownList's datasource read property:

read: {
    url: <<"url">>,
    cache: false

2- Then call read(),


It worked for me :)


For me just this line did the job:



You might find passing parameters to the ".data()" of the dataSource useful.


var myDataSource={bookId: 10, Name: "Kendo"}

However, you could also try the cascadingFrom attribute of the DropDownList when you want to update one DropDownList based on the selection of another DropDownList



on your read url add '?myDate=' + new Date(). This will refresh the data. Without it (unless you have meta tags to prevent caching) it will give you that data it has already read.


In my case I commented the line

//cascadeFrom: "dropdown1_id"

on the second kendo dropdown and it worked, for some reason it was messing with the data source updates.


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