Pure HTML + JavaScript client side templating

I want to have achieve something similar to Java Tiles framework using only client side technologies (no server side includes).

I would like to have one page, eg layout.html which will contain layout definition. Content placeholder in that page would be empty #content div tag.

I would like to have different content injected on that page based on url. Something like layout.html?content=main or layout.html?content=edit will display page with content replaced with main.html or edit.html.

The goal is to avoid duplicating code, even for layout, and to compose pages without server-side templating.

What approach would you suggest?

EDIT: I don't need a full templating library, just a way to compose a pages, similar for what tiles do.



JavaScriptMVC has a view templating system that supports different engines, including a pure JavaScript based one called EJS.

You might also want to look into Mustache especially Mustache for JavaScript.


If you would like to use jQuery, there is a decent templating engine in development as well:




Check this out:


I thinks it's close to what you want.

I am looking at javascriptMVC at the same time.

In the forum they are talking about using jquery layout with it.


I don't know if it fit exactly to what you want to do, but using the GWT seems to be a good approach for rich client-side applications :

You write all your application in Java with the framework, and you compile for obtain HTML and JS files working stand-alone.


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