Opening a browser window in Thunderbird Extension

I'm currently working with a Thunderbird Add On which opens a pop-up every time someone hovers over a link. In this pop-up, the user should be able to click on a link which opens a new window or tab in a browser (one that the user set default).

var win = ****("", "_blank", "chrome,centerscreen");

Is what I tried for this, but this just opens a Thunderbird window with no address bar or anything like that, and the content in this window doesn't do anything if I click on it.

I also tried:

var ww = Components.classes[";1"]

var win = ww.**openWindow**(null, "", "_blank", "chrome,dialog=no,all,centerscreen", null);

but this seems to work just the same as above.



Even i was having the similar requirement and facing the same issue and trying to figure out the right way to do it. Following options failed:

  • Window.location -> location.assign()
  • Components.classes mentioned in your question

After going through many many Thunderbird addon related web pages, following workaround from this page worked for me:



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