Is this possible to detect a colour is a light or dark colour?

Consider these two pink square:

enter image description here

And this:

enter image description here

As you may know, one is lighter and one is darker or more sharp. The problem is, I can tell it by human eyes, but is this possible to use a system way or programme way to detect this information? At least, is this possible to have a value that tell me that colour is more like white or that colour is less like white? (Assume I got the RGB code of that colour.) Thanks.



Since you haven't specified any particular language/script to detect the darker/lighter hex, I would like to contribute a PHP solution to this


$color_one = "FAE7E6"; //State the hex without #
$color_two = "EE7AB7";

function conversion($hex) {
    $r = hexdec(substr($hex,0,2)); //Converting to rgb
    $g = hexdec(substr($hex,2,2));
    $b = hexdec(substr($hex,4,2));

    return $r + $g + $b; //Adding up the rgb values

echo (conversion($color_one) > conversion($color_two)) ? 'Color 1 Is Lighter' : 'Color 1 Is Darker';
//Comparing the two converted rgb, the greater one is darker

As pointed out by @Some Guy, I have modified my function for yielding a better/accurate result... (Added Luminance)

function conversion($hex) {
    $r = 0.2126*hexdec(substr($hex,0,2)); //Converting to rgb and multiplying luminance
    $g = 0.7152*hexdec(substr($hex,2,2));
    $b = 0.0722*hexdec(substr($hex,4,2));

    return $r + $g + $b;

Demo 2


Below is the Python code to determine light or dark color. The formulation is based on the HSP value. HSP (Highly Sensitive Poo) equation is from used to determine whether the color is light or dark.

import math
def isLightOrDark(rgbColor=[0,128,255]):
    hsp = math.sqrt(0.299 * (r * r) + 0.587 * (g * g) + 0.114 * (b * b))
    if (hsp>127.5):
        return 'light'
        return 'dark'


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