Serialize Map object with jQuery/JS

[This is first question on SO, so apologize me for any mistake]

I'm trying to save a Map, like the one below, in a cookie.

var myMap = new Map();
myMap.set("k1", {
    a1: "...",
    a2: "...",
    a3: "..."

For this, I have to format as JSON. I tried many methods, like:


But none of them seems to work...

So, I did this:

var serial = [];
var result = $.toJSON(serial)

(Having to reconstruct the key on decoding the JSON...)

There is a better way to serialize a Map object?



Not exactly a typical "stringify", but you can use the spread operator combined with JSON.stringify(), that will give you an array...

var myMap = new Map();
myMap.set("k1", { a1: "...", a2: "...", a3: "..." });
myMap.set("k2", { b1: "...", b2: "...", b3: "..." });

var myJSON = JSON.stringify([...myMap]);

This will give you...


And to convert it to Map again...

var recoveredMap = new Map(JSON.parse(myJSON));

While spread operator is good if you want to stringify immediate maps, you'll face problems if they are nested within any data structures.

Both JSON.stringify and JSON.parse support callback functions:

JSON.stringify(value[, replacer[, space]])
JSON.parse(text[, reviver])

So you can write functions such as:

function replacer (key, value){
    if (value.__proto__ == Map.prototype) {
        return {
            _type: "map",
            map: [...value],
    } else return value;

function reviver (key, value){
    if (value._type == "map") return new Map(;
    else return value;

Now you can easily stringify/parse maps no matter how deep they are nested:

let obj = {
    map: new Map([
        [1, new Map([
let str = JSON.stringify(obj, replacer);
console.log(JSON.parse(str, reviver));

What about using Array.from to convert your Map into an array

// initialize the map
var myMap = new Map();
myMap.set("k1", {
  a1: "...",
  a2: "...",
  a3: "..."
myMap.set("k2", {
  a1: "...",
  a2: "...",
  a3: "..."

// serialize the map by converting it to an array
var mapAsArray = Array.from(myMap);
console.log('Map as array ',mapAsArray);

var serializedMap = JSON.stringify(mapAsArray);

// deserialize into a new map
var map = new Map(JSON.parse(serializedMap))


There's a new JS feature - Object.fromEntries. It can parse a map into an object

const obj = {a: 1, b: 2}
const map = new Map(Object.entries(obj))
const objectCopy = Object.fromEntries(map)

Compatibility is ok (Chrome, FF, Safari) and a polyfill exists. We can also expect compatibility to spread to all browsers since fromEntries is a "stage 4" proposal (approved).
See Compatibility here


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