Create Command-line Launcher Intellij not found

I would like to use

idea pom.xml

from command line to launch a simple Maven project, and so I think I need to configure using "Create Command-line Launcher" the script path, but I cannot find it in Intellij Ultimate, if I search it in File / Settings I can find it, but then if I add a keyboard shortcut it doesn't work.

Could someone help me?

Thank you



For Mac OS with +2019 Intellij:

  1. You'll need JetBrains ToolBox
  2. Turn on Generate shell scripts (no longer in tools > create command line launcher) enter image description here
  3. Set path to /usr/local/bin/
  4. Delete your old executable in /usr/local/bin/
  5. Quit and re-launch toolbox

As I said in the comments of the question.

At least when using Idea Community 2019.1 EAP + Jetbrains Toolbox, even in Linux that option is disabled.

You must access the Jetbrains Toolbox->settings (the gear next to the 'Log in' button), there will be a "Generate shell scripts" option and location to set. Set a location that you can access without sudo, and put that location on your PATH or copy the generated script to a path like /usr/local/bin.

I needed that to be able to use kscript --idea xxxx.kts (putting this here so that the next person googling that finds the answer :) )


This option is not available on Windows, otherwise you can find it in the Tools menu.

Tools | Create Command-line Launcher (available on Mac/Linux).


When installing the 2019.1 IDE version via toolbox, you need first to remove the previously generated Command-Line Launcher (e.g. via Tools | Create Command-line Launcher)

Then Enable the Generate Shell script option ToolBox and specify the same path that was used before (e.g /use/local/bin/)


On Linux, installing IntelliJ IDEA as a snap package automatically creates the command-line launcher named intellij-idea-community or intellij-idea-ultimate. The Tools | Create Command-line Launcher command is therefore not available.

Check this link for more information on enabling it on Windows,macOS and Linux.


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