How to create new line in JS title

I am using the JS for graphs. The graphs are charting the answers given to certain questions in a survey. So, the title of the graph is the question itself which can get a little long. Right now, the title runs off the graph and is hidden as seen in the image below (can't embed images yet on Stack Overflow so it created a link to the image instead):

Plotly title example image

This is the code being called where values and labels are variables defined elsewhere:

var graph_data = [
        values: values,
        labels: labels,
        type: 'pie'
var layout = {
 title: 'How responsive has our support team been to your questions or concerns?'
Plotly.newPlot( chartID, graph_data, layout );

I tried adding new line characters into the string such as \r and \n and \r\n and it did not work. I also tried changing the CSS property of word-wrap and it did not work. Any advice to easily show the title on multiple lines in JS?



Use <br> to break lines in plotly strings.


To have more control, I'm doing like this for multiple-lines title:

multipleStringLines: (title) => {
    if (title.length > 20) { // check if greater than threshold!
                let y_axis = title.split(' ');    //break into words
                let interval = title.split(' ').length / 2;     //2-lines
                return y_axis.slice(0, interval).join(' ') + '<br>' + y_axis.slice(interval, y_axis.length).join(' ');
     return title;


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