what javascript will simulate selection from the google maps api 3 places autocomplete dropdown?

I'm trying to automate the selection of items (using jQuery) from the autocomplete dropdown of the google maps api v3 places library. I am unable to determine the javascript required to select the item from the dropdown.

So, for example, here are the steps required to complete a partial field and trigger the dropdown for something like google's demo of this resource:

[EDIT the following code updated to show solution...]

$('input[name=address]').val("525 Bergen Street");
$('input[name=address]').simulate("keydown", { keyCode: $.ui.keyCode.DOWN });
$('input[name=address]').simulate("keydown", { keyCode: $.ui.keyCode.ENTER });

[EDIT...see Engineer's reference to simulate, below.]

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks,




Try to use jquery.simulate.js :

$(elem).simulate(mouse_or_keyboard_event_type, options);

Supported event types:

  • mouse: mouseover, mouseout, mousedown, mouseup, mousemove, click, dblclick
  • keyboard: keyup, keydown, keypress


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