executing javascript in awesomium to click on a div

I'm using Awesomium in C# winforms app to click on a div inside the webpage.

the following script works just fine if you type it directly in google chrome:

javascript: document.getElementById('ac_play').click();

but when I try to execute it in awesomium using either:


or this:

webControl1.LoadURL("javascript: document.getElementById('ac_play').click();");

It's not working. Which makes me think - does Awesomium support "div clicks" or not? Or maybe there is another reason why it's not working?

I've also tried to execute the code:

  • on LoadCompleted event (to make sure that the page is loaded completely)
  • by typing the script manually in "addressBox1" (native awesomium "address bar" control)

As usual - nothing is working.


I've tested the same javascript in GeckoFX and it's not working there either.. Any workaround?


Standart WebBrowser control executes the script perfectly! (Although it's using IE5 or so.. that's why I'd like to see Awesomium solution working).

P.S. it was working in webcontrol and now it's not ;( how do i reset it? P.P.S. i removed the cache in IE but it's sooo unreliable to use standard WebBrowser..



Remember that you have to wait for DocumentReady event with DocumentReadyState as Loaded (not Ready - because then Awesomium is not quite ready yet)

private void WebControl_DocumentReady(object sender, DocumentReadyEventArgs e)
    if (e.ReadyState != DocumentReadyState.Loaded) return;
    //Here ExecuteJavascript should work
public void JsFireEvent(string getElementQuery, string eventName)
                        function fireEvent(element,event) {
                            var evt = document.createEvent('HTMLEvents');
                            evt.initEvent(event, true, true ); // event type,bubbling,cancelable
                        " + String.Format("fireEvent({0}, '{1}');", getElementQuery, eventName));

JsFireEvent("document.getElementById('ac_play')", "click");



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